About Rayfield

Rayfield Baisley is the founder of Be worthy, Inc. and Owner of Alpha Dog Academy.

Rayfield with one of his well trained dogs

After training dogs for non-profit animal rescue groups, Ray saw a need to bridge the gap between known scientific facts about dogs and simply old fashion false beliefs that are outdated in ethics and functionality. In 2011 Rayfield opened his “Alpha Dog Academy” that was designed and based as a HUMAN instructional program for dog owners to achieve better results training their own dogs. His program promotes benevolent leadership and a more friendly attitude of inspiration versus perspiration which you can see in his patients makes perfect concept.

Much in life is FREE and to utilize those natural rewards makes for a better relationship with our pets and more fun during training. The FACTS became clear that it is far easier to TRAIN them vs blame them for behaviors they may not know or understand. The words “dog training” should rather be replaced or better described as “Dog Teaching” because so much information gets lost in the “communication” between species. Ray’s years of study of cognitive canine learning and “force free” behavior modification make it no wonder he is chosen to consult animal behavior cases for local and state wide 501c3 animal rescue organizations.

More than your typical local pet shop dog trainer, Rayfield is a Canine Behavior Consultant. He continually peruses the advancement of knowledge and skills towards mastery of the art of his industry. He has studied under some of the world’s highest accredited teachers, and is a member of the Professional Pet Guild of Force Free trainers. The experience of 12 years specializing in specifically rehabilitation rescued animals makes him a different breed of trainer. His focus is on the motivation of the animal to perform the behavior and will help you understand the how’s and why’s of training problems with your companion, not just give you a one method solves all solution.

Rayfield giving one of his dogs a kiss

The primary focus of a behavior consultation is to identify the problem and find effective training solutions for his clients to follow. The understanding and personal attention makes him a constant favorite among his clients. Many dogs have been trained, however the lucky ones have their OWNERS TRAINED by Rayfield.

Other dog trainers only teach what is in their coursework, regardless of the dog’s progress. Ray is different, he genuinely cares that He does not graduate a Human and their dog from his academy until ALL the goals have been reached. He is honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and caring. His love for dogs is apparent the moment he steps into the room. It is often been rumored, yet never confirmed! He MUST have been a dog in his past life.