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Ray was our third trainer to help us raise a rambunctious, rescue lab-mix into a well-mannered pet. Our dog is now in her “testing teen” years, but I can see that practice and perseverance will provide a big pay-off. Ray explains the dog’s behavior and how the owner can get the desired results. A visit to our Vet this a.m. garnered unsolicited compliments on her training. So this isn’t a biased opinion. Hire the best first (Ray) and forget the rest.

Charlotte Qua

Amazing trainer with the amazing ability to understand and redirect your dog. He teaches you about your energy and your dogs energy … highly recommended, he is very knowledgeable.

Juliet Mercado
Naples, FL

Rayfield was a pleasure to work with. Friendly, effective and professional. His love for dogs was evident at our first meeting. He is very knowledgeable. I was skeptical and thought online training was sufficient. I was wrong. Having Rayfield here in our home with our puppy Rae was a great decision. We highly recommend him.

Kristen Hendricks

Amazing trainer with such compassion and knowledge, We are truly thankful to have had him help many of our dogs!!!

Vicki DeLuca
Weston, FL

Rayfield Baisley is a knowledgeable and caring dog behavior consultant. He generously volunteered his time and talents to help establish Canine Assisted Therapy, and is the content creator of the B.A.R.K. program we utilize today within our pack readers program. It was with his insightful evaluations of many of our therapy dog programs that we were always able to help ensure we had teams serving in a facility that is befitting of the dogs temperament and personality. He coached our therapy dog handlers on reading canine body language and ways to ensure the therapy experiences were always beneficial for the patients they are visiting, and for the dogs and handlers as well. Canine Assisted Therapy is fortunate to have worked so long with Rayfield and thanks him for being a fellow rescue advocate.

Debra Berger
Executive Director, Canine Assisted Therapy

Ray is the best dog trainer I’ve ever met and I’ve met a few being that I always had lots of dogs. His of handling the dogs and the owners is very professional and shows his long term experience even with very difficult cases. He educates you and won’t create a dependency relationship which I have seen with other trainers. He’s your best bet in swfl… hands down!


Positive qualities: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Lani Vriezema

Thank you, Rayfield and Alpha Dog Academy, for the informative behavior phone consultation today. I can’t believe how my dogs responded to your simple, yet effective suggestions. I look forward to learning more, now that I have booked an in-home training session. I can’t wait for you to meet my dogs!

Cape Coral, FL

Alpha Dog Academy offered no cost training for the dogs in our rescue. I loved that each dog’s individual traits were identified first and then the group was taught to work together as team. It is so much fun to get training and socialization all in one. The dogs have a great time and their minds get quite the work out. To describe the trainer Rayfield in one word – PATIENT. Wow, I wish I had even half of his patience. Professional and fun!

Janice Green
Have A Heart, Inc. 501c3

Training with Align K9 was a really wonderful experience for both us and our dog. My dog is struggling with some anxiety and aggression and we were able to work on effective methods of working well together. Thank you!

Lauren Redfern