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I recommend Alpha Dog Academy almost daily to people who need assistance with their pets. Rayfield is a life saver … literally! When the public comes to me, they’re often at their wits end and ready to relinquish their dog to a shelter. After I calm them down and tell them that Rayfield is on his way, the real magic happens. He’s been able to put peace back into homes and keep families together. That is critical in our line of work. Rayfield jumps at the chance to help any animal, even if he’s not going to be compensated. He’s constantly helping animals in need. You can call him day or night and he’s there to help! His primary concern is to have a happy pet in a happy home. I’m thrilled Rayfield is out there in the trenches helping animals in our community and beyond. We (and they) need him!

Melissa Wu
Executive Director & Founder, Animal Matters

We had Ray train our rescue puppy, Georgia. His knowledge and approach FAR exceeded our expectations! He helped us not only train Georgia from a behavior standpoint but also recommended healthy food, treats, toys and the best leash and collar to use. We loved he would come to the house to work with Georgia in her environment. Highly Recommend, Ray!!

Ashley and Bryan Duffy

Positive qualities: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Lani Vriezema

Rayfield’s positive techniques and advice have been sanity saving for our family. Most importantly, they work. He has trained us as much as the dog. After being kicked out of puppy class, I didn’t have much hope for our rescue dog Jackson. Rayfield was recommended to us and in one lesson had him walking with another dog. When our family situation changed and the dog was not adjusting well, he came right over to help us. He is very accessible via phone, text, etc and answers any questions you have. His positive attitude and interactions with dogs has made working with him a wonderful experience.

Kevin Doering

Amazing trainer with the amazing ability to understand and redirect your dog. He teaches you about your energy and your dogs energy … highly recommended, he is very knowledgeable.

Juliet Mercado
Naples, FL

Rayfield was a pleasure to work with. Friendly, effective and professional. His love for dogs was evident at our first meeting. He is very knowledgeable. I was skeptical and thought online training was sufficient. I was wrong. Having Rayfield here in our home with our puppy Rae was a great decision. We highly recommend him.

Kristen Hendricks

Within 4 days of adopting Jack, we hired Ray for training based on the recommendation of a friend. Ray was fantastic, and wonderful with our boy. The way he trained (us & Jack) was easy to follow, and I loved seeing how much Jack enjoyed his “school days”. With the recent hurricane, I found myself saying “thank God for Ray” at least 3 times in the past 2 weeks. Not only is he very well behaved & socialized, but he was not experiencing stairs or an elevator for the 1st time during an emergency situation. We had to evacuate & ended up on the 4th floor. I saw as other humans struggled to get their pups on the elevator & they were very anxious when inside. Jack just walked in & sat right by my side. When the elevator was out of service & we were forced to use the stairs, although awkward & slow, Jack knew how to do them. I remember thinking that it was odd to even learn stairs & elevators, but he explained why and I will be forever thankful!

Michelle Richard

Ray is the best dog trainer I’ve ever met and I’ve met a few being that I always had lots of dogs. His of handling the dogs and the owners is very professional and shows his long term experience even with very difficult cases. He educates you and won’t create a dependency relationship which I have seen with other trainers. He’s your best bet in swfl… hands down!


Ray is an awesome dog trainer, and I highly recommend his services for any age canine companion! He worked with our very active 7 month old puppy and asked me to write specific notes/vocabulary, then he had my son practice his training strategies. Ray is super positive, extremely skilled, and his genuine love for dogs is evident. We are very grateful for our session with Ray!

Sara Barry

Very happy with the progress I’m seeing in all three of our dogs. Learning so much more about their individual personalities than I had seen before. One of our pups went from not being able to attend doggy daycare to now being a welcome client. Ray is laid back, not judgemental and really listens to what you want to achieve with your dogs. He understands every household and every dog is unique and works accordingly. Thank you!

Tabatha Schnitzler