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Amazing trainer with such compassion and knowledge, We are truly thankful to have had him help many of our dogs!!!

Vicki DeLuca
Weston, FL

OMG what an awesome amazing training session! Wasn’t really sure what to expect and someone even told me that I would be probably wasting my money cause I have a new rescue who is timid and scared but he spent time talking, explaining and sitting on the floor with us and Romeo and it will be work and time but we saw a positive forward already and it really has made us so happy to learn and know how to make a huge impact in our Romeo’s life ❤ Would recommend him 100%! He knows dogs and he has patience with humans 🤣🤣

Eileen Andersen

Everything! Rayfield is truly a Dog Whisperer. I needed some help with my new puppy who was out of control. He needed a lot of work. I was worried that no one would be able to correct his bad behavior. As soon as I met Rayfield I knew he was going to be able to help me. He is extremely smart and knowledgeable. Not only did turn my puppy into an Angel he also taught me a lot of things. I was responsible for a lot of the bad behavior my puppy was doing. He has a saying that I love and say all the time. “Train Them, Don’t Blame Them” I highly recommend him.

Sal Blasi

Positive qualities: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Lani Vriezema

Ray was our third trainer to help us raise a rambunctious, rescue lab-mix into a well-mannered pet. Our dog is now in her “testing teen” years, but I can see that practice and perseverance will provide a big pay-off. Ray explains the dog’s behavior and how the owner can get the desired results. A visit to our Vet this a.m. garnered unsolicited compliments on her training. So this isn’t a biased opinion. Hire the best first (Ray) and forget the rest.

Charlotte Qua

Amazing trainer with the amazing ability to understand and redirect your dog. He teaches you about your energy and your dogs energy … highly recommended, he is very knowledgeable.

Nellie Mercado

Rayfield is a trainer unlike any other. He genuinely CARES about you and your dog with obvious passion and understanding. His training methods are enriching, bringing you understanding of your dog to a whole new level. His generosity with time, knowledge and good spirit showed me he’s got the heart of a canine!

Ellyn Fabricant
Plantation, FL

Rayfield is worth his weight in gold. Not only does he respond immediately to any plea for help, but he will also travel long-distances to do in-home visits to work with the dogs that are perilously close to losing their homes usually due to human error.Sitting in on a recent three hour session with him in Tampa made me a firm believer that he knows what he is doing and, most importantly, the dogs respond to and respect him. Rayfield also follows up and maintains close ties with those that he has worked with to ensure continued success.Florida Boxer Rescue is fortunate to have the benefit of his experience and we are looking forward to many, many years of working together to ensure our Boxers are given the best chance possible for successful, happy lives.

Sandra Fleischman
BOD, Florida Boxer Rescue, Inc.

Thank you, Rayfield and Alpha Dog Academy, for the informative behavior phone consultation today. I can’t believe how my dogs responded to your simple, yet effective suggestions. I look forward to learning more, now that I have booked an in-home training session. I can’t wait for you to meet my dogs!

Cape Coral, FL

Rayfield is incredibly personable and understanding. He listened to our concerns and really worked with us to reinforce what our dogs were learning during training. We saw a noticeable difference in our dogs’ behavior after just one session. Strongly recommend! Rayfield’s knowledge, skills & positive training style is so very effective & he creates a wonderful learning environment. Loved the sessions! I have a new understanding about my dogs and myself.

Meredith Collins