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Rayfield is worth his weight in gold. Not only does he respond immediately to any plea for help, but he will also travel long-distances to do in-home visits to work with the dogs that are perilously close to losing their homes usually due to human error.Sitting in on a recent three hour session with him in Tampa made me a firm believer that he knows what he is doing and, most importantly, the dogs respond to and respect him. Rayfield also follows up and maintains close ties with those that he has worked with to ensure continued success.Florida Boxer Rescue is fortunate to have the benefit of his experience and we are looking forward to many, many years of working together to ensure our Boxers are given the best chance possible for successful, happy lives.

Sandra Fleischman
BOD, Florida Boxer Rescue, Inc.

Ray is an awesome dog trainer, and I highly recommend his services for any age canine companion! He worked with our very active 7 month old puppy and asked me to write specific notes/vocabulary, then he had my son practice his training strategies. Ray is super positive, extremely skilled, and his genuine love for dogs is evident. We are very grateful for our session with Ray!

Sara Barry

Amazing trainer with the amazing ability to understand and redirect your dog. He teaches you about your energy and your dogs energy … highly recommended, he is very knowledgeable.

Ginger & Zeke Mercado

Watching Ray work with dogs is amazing. He “gets” them. I’ve worked with other dog trainers in the past and even though many have been good I have never experienced the connection Ray has with dogs. I definitely recommend him for anyone seeking a dog trainer in the Cape Coral area.

Susan Milner

I was at a loss with my cockapoo Carly. After 3 sessions with Rayland, she is now a well behaved dog, gets along with other dogs in a social setting, she can now be groomed, goes to day care. It’s night and day. Thank you Rayland. She is doing GREAT!

Claire Matheus

Amazing trainer with such compassion and knowledge, We are truly thankful to have had him help many of our dogs!!!

Vicki DeLuca
Weston, FL

Rayfield’s positive techniques and advice have been sanity saving for our family. Most importantly, they work. He has trained us as much as the dog. After being kicked out of puppy class, I didn’t have much hope for our rescue dog Jackson. Rayfield was recommended to us and in one lesson had him walking with another dog. When our family situation changed and the dog was not adjusting well, he came right over to help us. He is very accessible via phone, text, etc and answers any questions you have. His positive attitude and interactions with dogs has made working with him a wonderful experience.

Kevin Doering

Rayfield is a trainer unlike any other. He genuinely CARES about you and your dog with obvious passion and understanding. His training methods are enriching, bringing you understanding of your dog to a whole new level. His generosity with time, knowledge and good spirit showed me he’s got the heart of a canine!

Ellyn Fabricant
Plantation, FL

Training with Align K9 was a really wonderful experience for both us and our dog. My dog is struggling with some anxiety and aggression and we were able to work on effective methods of working well together. Thank you!

Lauren Redfern

Rayfield Baisley is a knowledgeable and caring dog behavior consultant. He generously volunteered his time and talents to help establish Canine Assisted Therapy, and is the content creator of the B.A.R.K. program we utilize today within our pack readers program. It was with his insightful evaluations of many of our therapy dog programs that we were always able to help ensure we had teams serving in a facility that is befitting of the dogs temperament and personality. He coached our therapy dog handlers on reading canine body language and ways to ensure the therapy experiences were always beneficial for the patients they are visiting, and for the dogs and handlers as well. Canine Assisted Therapy is fortunate to have worked so long with Rayfield and thanks him for being a fellow rescue advocate.

Debra Berger
Executive Director, Canine Assisted Therapy